My name is Helen Sterner, I live since 14 yrs on a forestry farm outside Arjeplog in Swedish Lapland. I am an outdoor person and like to go seakayaking on our hugh lake systems . I am educated in wildlife, conservation biology and has been working as a nature guide in the Kaukasus region, Greenland and South France many years ago. The last decades I have worked in my profession as GP in Swedish Lapland, Northern pars of Norway and Greenland. As I love kayaking I am happy being able to offer you the possibility to experience these beautiful parts os Swedish Lapland with its magnificent mountain areas and forestry regions, with over 8 000 lakes, and archipelago of hundreds of islands. Some of the lakes are communicating , making it possible to go kayaking for a week or more. I have two islands one large island situated i lake Uddjaure and one small island in lake Galtisjaure. Each of them have a smal cabin, with a wooden stove. No electricity, water for drinking and cooking is taken from the sea as water everywhere is crystal clear and clean. The cabin at the big island is comfortable for 4 grown ups or some kids. as there are 4 beds 120 cm wide. There is a sauna, heated by wood at the shore. The smal island has a one room cabin with a double and overbed. The names of the two islands is Guarp and Koholmen. You can look at the pictures in ” Mina öar ”. I am renting out 7 sea kayaks and four canadian type canoes. You find the description and prices in ” Mina kajaker och Kanadensare”. If you are interested in renting my islands for a week , the best way to come there is by kayaking, but I have boat to drive you if so.

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